Fall Popcorn - Membership Drive & Internet

Pack leadership will again participate in the planning meeting for popcorn so our unit gains additional 1% of profit.  May not sound like a lot of $$$, but it adds up. We should have a schedule built again by the swim party for show and sell dates! If you want to make sure your scout gets signed up just email us and will make sure to see you for options.

 Every cub pack will be recruiting again in September.  Our best recruiting efforts comes from our own scouts.  We do not have a date for a parent's night yet, but if you know of families that are interested we can get them going in September. As we have done in the past we will need parent support to get the message out on all the "online" communication apps that our community uses at school.

New Internet connectivity at the Hall!  Thank you to our Church board they have approved a $15 thousand internet/wiring update to the church and hall.  It is installed!  Also, Andy is getting us a fully loaded (what we need) computer for the Pack.  We will be looking for a volunteer parent to help at meetings entering in advancement for our scouts.  This is not a weekly job, but more monthly as scouts get done with their advancement.  The job is really simple but will save a ton of time outside our meetings.      

Pack Swim Party 

August 11, 2024 

Hamburg Public Pool

7:30 - 9:30 PM