Cub Pack 154 does two main fundraisers every year.  The first is a Popcorn Sale in late summer or early fall.  The pack has a signup for days that you can attend and help sell popcorn alongside the Boy Scout Troop.  The second fundraiser is a hoagie sale through R & K Subs.  We typically do one sale in fall and one in spring.  A portion of the sales that your Scout makes will go toward paying for their summer camp experience.  

Popcorn Fundraiser

The Council run Popcorn program has become a real success story for our unit.  The Pack and the Troop at Bellemans will share resources for this effort.  The key for a very easy sale is if everyone participates.  A Show and Sell fundraising program is when a unit will setup at community locations to sell the product to the general public.  The product is factory sealed so all PA food regulations are met.  Under safe conditions this is a highly effective way for our scouts to gain some important life skills while representing themselves as part of a Pack earning money for their program.    

Typically, our Show and Sale program will only be done on 4 weekends!  The Pack and Troop will work together to form a work schedule.  The Pack will be dependent on parent involvement to coach our scouts for success.  The Pack has subscribed to our council’s effective sales program and it has worked wonders!!  With several years of success under our belt, the program advice works!

The pack will also offer the Take Order program for scouts to develop exclusive sales to personal customers that like to support your scout.  We will look to wrap up our take order sale by the beginning of October.  

Military CSP?  This year if a scout sells a military popcorn purchase, the scout will earn a military Council Shoulder Patch (CSP).  On the left is the sample image created for this year's edition.  Each of these CSPs are part of a set.  The set is in its 5th and final yearThe center patch can be purchased at the Council Service Center for $5.00.  As a side note, all designs are chosen by some of our scouts at Belleman's for the council!!  These patches have become very collectible and something worth considering for your scout each year.     


Hoagie Time is all about selling a lunch or quick dinner to our friends, family, and co-workers.  This fundraiser will do two things: one, support your scout’s camp expense, and secondly support upcoming pack activities and awards for our scouts.

In the past the pack has done a great job with the hoagie sales and we received rave reviews on the quality of the product we sold.  The orders were also delivered to our church with the scout’s name on each box and it was completely organized for us - ready to go. 

Fundraiser order forms are prepared by the vendor and distributed with due dates for orders.  All money for orders should be turned in at the same time as your order.  Typically, we will have all the orders organized by Scout name provided on your order sheet about 30-45 minutes prior to meeting for pickup.     

NEW Order Forms for our R & K Sub/Pretzel Sale

NEW - Sub order form.pdf
NEW - Pretzel Order Form.pdf