Klondike Derby

Klondike Derby

The pack looks to participate in the activity to support our scouts getting outside in the winter months with a well-rounded scout-skills activity.  The Pack also participates by supporting the running of a station.  Leaders/parents will be needed for transportation and to help out at our station.  Usually, we will take the meeting prior to organize and prepare our scouts for the event.  Each scout will receive an activity patch for the event that they may wear on their uniform.  

What is the Klondike Derby?  

The Klondike Derby is an annual outdoor event held in the winter months.  The scouts pull sleds with all their gear and travel to different stations where they can practice their Scoutcraft.  

WhenSaturday January 27th 2024.  

Where: Peterson Farm,  Brecknock Township Building at 889 Alleghenyville Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540



General Information: This event is outdoors and within reason it will be held rain, snow, sleet, or shine.  Please dress appropriately.  Each scout will need the following:

Usually each scout brings a backpack and we put them in the sled they pull.  

What are the different stations?  This year the scouts will have: