Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby General Rules and Information

The plan calls for following our Scout Sunday activity, the Pack will hold its annual Pine Wood Derby event.   The Pinewood Derby has become a very largely attended program that all our scouts enjoy.  All family members are welcome to attend.  Lunch will be available for purchase.  This event has become a very popular event for all our families and our scouts will be very excited for the derby. 

Please see below for a few reminders about the Derby.

A. Maintain Perspective - the event is about celebrating the time each scout took with their parent to create their car.

B. Volunteers Needed—this event will need support to work through all the races. Judges, setup crew, inspection, and food counter are the most needed areas.

C. Follow the Scout Law—scouts are going to be excited about the event, but parents need to help leaders maintain order so each scout can enjoy their race.

D. Establish Rules—fairness is important therefore we want to make sure everyone is clear on our derby rules.

What is the Pinewood Derby?  

The Pinewood Derby is an annual race held at the Fellowship Hall on Scout Sunday following the church service. The scouts along with their parents build the derby car throughout January.  The process of building the derby car with your scout is a bonding experience.  Building a derby car is more about spending time with your scout to create something unique they can be proud of.  We then all gather on race day to see who has the fastest and most creative cars.


Where: Fellowship Hall

General Information: The pack currently plans on running a lunch counter for that day following the service. The menu has not been determined yet.    

Do you have questions or need some tips?

Cub Pack 154 scouts can contact Phil or Andy with general questions but for more tips see below!

Click here to check out their Pinewood Derby HQ website!

Scoring for the Race:

Last years 1st Place winner was Cooper with an average time of 3.1828 seconds!

The video below is the Grand Final races from 2021.  This will give you an idea of how the races work.